Late Summer from a Texas Guide.

At best, everything I say or do on the water is an educated guess; I’ve also come to realize crappie can’t read. That being said, here are my thoughts on late summer crappie fishing. With the exception of February, the month of September may be the most frustrating month for putting large numbers of fish…read more

Do you miss your wife or the dog?

You like fishing wood? Well ya better get to Truman lake in Clinton Missouri. They have plenty to spare. You can run at 325 mph for 2 and a half days and still only cover 1/60th of the lake. It will drive you nuts trying to figure where to start. You just have to put…read more

Team Phillips. An Introduction.

If you have remotely followed the Crappie Masters or Crappie USA, you have heard of these two; Jonathan and Alicia Phillips. They also help out in a huge capacity to run the Central Alabama Crappie Club, a trail designed to teach anyone who wants to learn how to become better at Crappie fishing. As a…read more