5 Basic Knots For Crappie Fishing

September 7, 2021

Knots are a basic but often overlooked element of fishing. They range from simple to highly complex. Some fishermen, in fact, are proud to demonstrate the multi-step process of tying a complex knot. Others keep the process simple, saving time and using knot-tying techniques that work for them. Very often, the simplest knots work as well as knots that require painstaking attention to detail.

For the sake of most fishermen, and especially beginning or inexperienced fishermen, here are 5 basic knots that can be tied easily, used effectively, and contribute to fishing success.

  1. Improved clinch knot: A classic, old-school knot, the improved clinch knot works in most line-to-hook applications. A good demonstration of tying this knot is found at https://www.netknots.com/fishing_knots/improved-clinch-knot.
  2. Palomar knot: Once considered new and innovative, the Palomar is now a part of the routine of many fishermen. A well-tied Palomar produces an effective, compact knot that works with just about any type of line. NetKnots.com provides a good look at tying the Palomar and many other knots: https://www.netknots.com/fishing_knots/palomar-knot.
  3. A loop knot, which can be tied in many ways, is a mainstay in crappie fishing. Like others, the loop can be simple or complex, but the end result is a free-moving lure at the end of the line. A good resource for tying loop knots is https://www.netknots.com/fishing_knots/surgeons-end-loop.
  4. Main line-to-leader knot: Any discussion of knot tying eventually leads to the best way to connect a leader to the main line. Many possibilities exist. Most work efficiently but a key here is developing confidence in a connection knot and learning to tie it flawlessly. Here’s one but certainly not the only possibility: https://www.netknots.com/fishing_knots/surgeons-knot.
  5. Snell knot: Other line-to-hook/lure knots work effectively. However, if you are looking for the knot that maintains line strength,, then many fishermen consider a snell knot ideal. Here’s the traditional way to tie a snell knot: https://www.netknots.com/fishing_knots/snell-knot-traditional

One of the best online collections of knot demonstrations is found at www.netknots.com. All of the links above come from that website. The link to NetKnots.com’s beginner knots is https://www.netknots.com/fishing_knots/beginner-fishing-knots.