Summer Crappie fishing in Alabama.

It doesn’t get much hotter than Summer in Alabama. However if you are willing to put in some time and learn how to beat the heat you won’t be limited to reading about Crappie fishing all Summer. You can get up early (before 5) and get on the water as the sun is still climbing.…read more


Man we waited on these rods forever. I am so proud and excited that I finally have my order of rods in. Talk about sweatin it out. Nothing like having to wait 4 months on something that you put your life into. Now that they are here I am so thankful to all the customers…read more

ACC Crappie Stix (how we are doing)

Just wanted to update everyone who has been asking and being very patient. The rods are getting closer everyday! I know it has been a long wait and it drives no one more crazy than me. I have 2600 rods that will arrive and I will be taking care of my wholesalers first (tackle shops)…read more

Summertime Crappie patterns.

All the hype, the not so serious anglers, the ones who can’t handle the heat (I’m getting there) have packed up and gone home. That leaves the 12 months/year fisherman. Those are the ones that simply can not stop fishing for a few months just because it’s hot out. We just figured out how to…read more

Guest Blog: Quines Fins. Spring

Spring is the best time to get on some BIG fish. When the females are loaded with eggs their prespawn weight can be significantly higher than what they are the rest of the year. So when the big girls wander in shallow and stage the spawn, there is a small window of opportunity to make…read more

Moving on.

It was a very different Spring than normal or maybe all Springs are abnormal as the weather can be very erratic. We went from low water on Rend to massive rains and cold temps to beautiful days where getting 10 bites was a miracle. There are some things in fishing that can’t be explained (or…read more

Q and A with Jonathan and Alicia Phillips.

Q; Tell us about the first fishing experience that made you realize fishing would become a passion?1) A: I think everyone in my family knew that I had an obsession with fishing at a very young age. I always had a hard time finding fishing buddies because my idea of a fishing trip has always…read more

Set the Hook!!!

As I guided I can tell you one of the most frustrating things to happen is to watch 14″ Crappie swim away at the surface of the water due to poor hook sets. This may not seem like a big deal and in the grand scheme of things I guess it’s not but I believe…read more

Q and A with Jack and Holly Linton

Q: Tell us about your first fishing trip that made you realize fishing would become an obsession.   A: Our first tournament experience we realized that the competition aspect would be very addicting.   Q: Which aspects of tournament fishing do you find most interesting?   A: we love fishing new lakes, specifically in other…read more

Just my thoughts.

I have been thinking a lot lately. Scary I know but here we go. I think it is a shame that we were taught in schools and by most adults that the path to happiness is an expensive education, piles of debt and working at a job we can barely tolerate. I was never taught…read more