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LiveScope Giveaway Highlights ACC x FishUSA Presence at Expo

September 20, 2023

By Greg McCain Billed as “the largest crappie show on earth,” the Crappie Expo 2023 travels to the heart of some of the best fishing in the country this week. The latest edition of the Crappie Expo takes place in Birmingham, AL, Friday through Sunday (Sept. 22-24). Held previously in Branson, MO (twice), Shreveport, LA,…read more

Beat the heat for summer crappie

September 4, 2023

By Greg McCain The recent heat wave sent the mercury soaring to triple digits across much of the country. In many situations, the heat actually appears to bother the fisherman more than the fish. Many guides report that the late-summer bite remains steady despite water temperatures well into the 90s on many lakes. Just how…read more

Want to make a living in fishing? Choose carefully

August 23, 2023

By Greg McCain The idea of earning a living from fishing burns intensely in the minds of many. The passion goes beyond just a love of fishing. Some people, including many young fishing enthusiasts, explore the idea with the intent of making a livelihood from the sport. In the crappie fishing world, the possibilities are…read more