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Not even a hurricane slows Milligan in national debut

September 20, 2020

By Greg McCain (Here’s the first of two parts on ACC Crappie Stix pro staff member Les Milligan’s debut in a national tournament, the ACT event on the Ouachita River in late August. In Part 1, Les relates the weather-related adventures leading up to and during the tournament. Coming soon, Part 2 provides details and…read more

Why We Started and Where We’re Going – ACC Crappie Stix

September 9, 2020

By Greg McCain Andy Lehman was going bass fishing when he first determined the world needed a better crappie rod. A competitive bass fisherman at the time, Andy was headed to Mississippi to fish a tournament, and he wanted to sample some of that state’s vaunted crappie fisheries while there. He borrowed crappie-fishing tackle from…read more

If You’re Not Dock Shooting for Crappie, You Are Missing Out

March 8, 2020

Although it’s truly hard to think like a fish, the fact is that crappie, have some predictable likes and dislikes. Namely, they like cover and they like shade. So do the bait fish that crappie feed on…which makes crappie like cover and shade even more. Certainly throughout the summer, docks offer crappie the cover and…read more