1. Casting rods vs. jigging rods. Which model is which?

Any rod 8′ and under is considered a rod designed to cast jigs. You can also use these rods to pull or vertical jigs however they have a large spinning guide and are made for spinning reels. Rods that are 10′ to 12′ are designed for jigging. They have smaller guides as you will not do any casting with these rods. No point in having a larger guide on these rods. The trolling rods also have the smaller guides as well.

2. What reels do you recommend with an ACC Crappie Stix?

We always a spinning reel in the 500 or 100 series. No need in spending $100 on a reel. A $30 reel will work great.

3. What size line should i use?

For casting or dock shooting you should start at 4# for shooting and 6 or 8# for casting. For vertical jigging go big or go home. I use 20# hi vis braid. I set the hook hard and swing the fish in the boat.

4. What length rod should i start with?

A great way to start is with an 8′ rod and a 10′ rod. This way you can cast, jig, flip a cork and do many of the tried and true basic methods of Crappie fishing.

5. What material are the guides made from?

They are stainless steel guides that will not chip and can handle braided lines.

6. What action are these rods?

These ACC Crappie Stix have more backbone than most rods on the market. The shorter casting rods have a fast tip and still have the ability to cast lightweight jigs. The jigging rods have great backbone with soft, sensitive tips to detect light bites. We don’t make ultra light wimpy rods.

7. What size jig heads should i use?

I use heavier jig. I start with a 1/8th ounce on the light side and go to a 3/16th most of the time. When the bite is tough go to a 1/16th and when fishing deep in the wind go to a 1/4 ounce.

8. What is the weight of the rods?

You can find the weight of each rod in the product description on each rod page.

9. Do you have a warranty?

Yes! We have a 6-month warranty. We also sell extra tips on the site for any accidental breaks!