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Cork-and-minnow crappie fishing

March 19, 2021

By Greg McCain In the advanced high-tech world of modern crappie fishing, one very basic technique remains largely unchanged and among the most effective for spring fishing. The technique does not require modern electronics or a boat or even a rod-n-reel. We’re talking cork-and-minnow fishing or some slight variation thereof. A hook, a small split…read more

What It Takes To Become a Successful Pro Crappie Angler

March 16, 2021

By Greg McCain Here at ACC Crappie Stix, we’re intrigued by the mindset of the consistently successful crappie tournament fishermen. In fact, we’ve discussed the concept on more than one occasion as we planned stories for this blog. What are the things, the qualities, and the attributes that distinguish the ultra-successful tournament competitor from the…read more

Crappie Pre-Spawn: 5 Things to Know

March 2, 2021

By Greg McCain  In many parts of the country, that phase of early-season crappie fishing known as the pre-spawn is in full swing.  The fish have endured — in most cases thrived — through harsh winter conditions and are starting to heed the instinctive urges of procreation, heading toward the spawning grounds. Of course, our…read more