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Record Seven Fish Limit Caught In Florida Waters

January 31, 2024

By Greg McCain ACC Crappie Stix pro staffer Nick Whitten has certainly enjoyed his share of success in competitive crappie fishing, performing well in local, regional, and national tournament settings. Never, however, have all the elements lined up as they did in the recently completed Crappie USA Winter Series Classic on the St. Johns River…read more

Joe Wilson: ‘The Chubby, Redneck Oprah Winfrey’

November 29, 2023

By Greg McCain Food – podcaster, outdoorsman, chef, and amateur psychologist Joe Wilson has learned – serves as an immediate link to the hearts and minds of people. Joe, co-host of the Cookin Up a Story with Aaron and Joe podcast, cultivated the connection between his culinary skills and the eclectic mix of people he…read more

Mastering the Fall Bite: A Winning Strategy from Florida’s Crappie Trail

November 8, 2023

By Greg McCain The fall crappie season in mid-to-south Florida, which roughly parallels the pre-spawn in other parts of the country, is in full swing. Tournament circuits take advantage of the hot late fall bite that leads up to the spawn in Florida. ACC Crappie Stix pro staffer Nick Whitten loves the opportunity for some…read more