Jump off the cliff.

Do not be afraid to jump. Most people are very afraid to fail and take that leap. If we let ourselves become paralyzed by fear we would never accomplish anything. I have failed many times and had I let that define me than ACC Crappie Stix would not exist .  Most people have great ideas…read more

Pro staff and other unrelated ramblings.

As a business owner in the fishing industry I get plenty of requests for gals guys  that want to be on the “Pro Staff “.  There are many different  ways in which people approach this. I get the letter that I know they sent out to every company in the industry. I also get the…read more

Great Fishing and Back Surgery.

To say it’s been an event full few days would be an understatement .  To begin with I scheduled a couple of days off work so I could enjoy the absolute best time of year to catch numbers of hard hitting ,  monster Crappie. As a couple of plans fell through and the scheduled friends…read more

Fishing with Family.

Although I do miss guiding to some extent I definitely enjoy the free time to spend the day on the lake with Family. Yesterday was a prime example .  I took my cousin Joann Gee, my daughter Hayden and my buddy Hank (you should know by now he’s my Yellow Lab). Being able to spend…read more

A Day on Rend Lake.

I met Jason Dudley of Buck Brush Fishing guides at the Rend lake Resort boat ramp to try to see if we could catch a bunch of Fall Crappie. Jason is a long time friend and one of the very first ACC Pro Staffers. We have talked at least every week for many years about…read more

Helping out.

The one thing I really enjoyed about guiding was watching someone learn something new about Crappie fishing. The moment when it clicks and they just get it. There are many people that want to learn how to CATCH Crappie as opposed to going out time after time and just fishing. I have seen this many…read more

Jack and Holly’s first tournament.

Good day everyone, this is Andy and I want to introduce the very first "Guest Blog" this is an article written by Jack and Holly Linton aka "The Green Machine". These 2 have fished many Crappie Masters tournaments and have grown a great following. I am proud to call these 2 good friends and they…read more

Understanding rod styles.

I have been getting many great questions about all the different rod styles ACC has to offer and which ones are right for the customer.  So I decided to write an informative  Blog on the topic. We can start with the difference between the GS series and the HDRS series. Both of these rods have…read more

Was a great fishery.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how great of a Crappie lake Rend used to be. Rend is a 19,000 acre lake in Southern IL. Surrounded by trees and Buck Brush it has everything for strong spawns. We have stump rows, standing timber, rip rap, lay downs, stake beds, brush piles, bridges and lots…read more