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5 Basic Knots For Crappie Fishing

September 7, 2021

Knots are a basic but often overlooked element of fishing. They range from simple to highly complex. Some fishermen, in fact, are proud to demonstrate the multi-step process of tying a complex knot. Others keep the process simple, saving time and using knot-tying techniques that work for them. Very often, the simplest knots work as…read more

Scott Turnage: Enjoy the outdoor experience

August 26, 2021

By Greg McCain In over 20 years of outdoor television production, Scott Turnage – the G3 Sportsman – has encountered just about everything. The memorable moments piled into a highlight reel of enviable outdoor experiences; the low points, although inevitable because of the nature of the business, proved to be few and also served as…read more

‘Big Sasquatch’ overcomes limited experience on Ouachita

August 23, 2021

By Greg McCain Even limited experience on the Ouachita River did little to prevent Wesley Miller, also known as Big Sasquatch Outdoors, from catching a mega-summer bag in the North Louisiana Crappie Trail regular-season finale. An ACC pro staff member from Doyline, LA, Wesley guides regularly on the diverse fisheries in the northwest part of…read more