They all stood.

We have all witnessed the disrespect that’s happening in the NFL. I am personally disgusted by it. However there is hope and a lot of it. It seems that the fishing community no matter the species posseses a strong moral compass. I have seen many situations where people have helped with situations from stranded boaters…read more

Thank you very much!

This has been a roller coaster ride. I truly appreciate all the patience all of my faithful customer have shown. Finally got my website up and running. That always seems to be trouble for me. I guess I’m better at fishing and coming up with a good idea for a fishing rod than I am…read more

An Introduction By Andy

Engineered thru the passion of fishing. designed to be light, sensitive and strong. The difference is amazing. Since I began enjoying the outdoors I knew opportunity existed for improvement in the Crappie rod market. For many years...…read more