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Pro Staff Profile: Bryce Acreman

August 8, 2023

By Greg McCain Like many youngsters in Louisiana, Bryce Acreman developed a love for fishing on the bayous, backwaters, lakes, and rivers near his home just north of Monroe. In his earlier years, he called the Ouachita River home but also soon developed an affinity for Lake D’Arbonne and for Poverty Point Reservoir. He also…read more

The Best Crappie Techniques for Beginners

July 31, 2023

By Greg McCain In crappie fishing, sometimes the oldest methods are best. Even in an age when technology dominates the highest levels of competitive crappie fishing, those advanced tactics are not always best for inexperienced fishermen looking to get into the sport. For childen or even inexperienced adults, certain techniques resonsate with those anglers possessing…read more

Unique format brings diversity to tournaments

July 27, 2023

By Greg McCain Competitive crappie fishing continues to evolve. While traditional cumulative weight events continue to dominate, other formats have surfaced on local, regional, and national levels in recent years. One such non-traditional tournament, actually the second of its kind in the Crappie Masters schedule, took place on Lake Erling in Arkansas recently. The tournament…read more