Terrace View Marina epitomizes teamwork, hospitality

May 24, 2023

By Greg McCain

Terrace View Marina, host for the last two years of the Big Crappie Bash sponsored by Crappie Cove and ACC Crappie Stix, continues to excel as the epitome of teamwork and hospitality.

Located about 65 miles from Chattanooga, TN, and about the same from Knoxville, the full-service operation in the mid-section of Watts Bar Lake offers just about any amenity needed by Tennessee River travelers. Elements that pervade all facets of the marina atmosphere are a cohesive teamwork and genuine hospitality exhibited by the owners while extending those services.

“That’s all part of the plan,” said Mark Cauley, owner of Terrace View along with his wife, Heather. Mark credits Heather with organizing and executing a large part of the Terrace View plan.

“We all work well together, and everyone buys in to the overall plan. Each family member has specific responsibilities that they perform that helps bring everything together. We couldn’t do it without being a team.”

The recently completed Big Crappie Bash was a perfect illustration of the effectiveness of the business, which the Cauleys bought eight years ago. From pre-tournament meals to lodging availability to maintaining boat slips, the Terrace View staff, largely composed of the Cauley children, Ella, Annie, Molly, Jackson, George, Joe, and William, seamlessly worked behind the scenes to help make the event a success.

“It’s really an incredible operation and amazing just to watch them work,” said Crappie Cove and ACC Crappie Stix pro staffer Chris “Sarge” Gill (Asleep at the Reel on YouTube), who trailered his new boat from Texas to fish the event. “I know it takes some orchestration and planning, but they make it look easy.”

Added another member of the Crappie Cove and ACC Crappie Stix pro staff, Keith Acker, of Louisiana, “I guess one thing that stands out to me is how they anticipate situations and are prepared for them in advance. They are a well-oiled, well-coordinated machine. Nothing is left to chance.”

Sarge enjoyed an extended stay in the on-site lodge, which continues to be updated to meet the needs of visitors.

“They get to know you and make you feel comfortable in every way possible,” he said.

The two-story facility features rooms capable of housing from four to 12 people. All overlook the marina and offer excellent sight-lines of the lake.

ACC Crappie Stix owner Andy Lehman also stayed on-site during the Big Crappie Bash, literally the first renter of the newly refurbished two-story home that previously housed the Cauleys for several years. Recently, the family bought a new home adjacent to the marina, making their former residence available to visitors.

The house, like the lodge rooms available year-round, easily sleeps up to about 10 people, which makes it a good destination for fishing groups or an extended family.

“This is really nice,” Andy said as he got his first look at the house. “Everything they do is about quality of service.”

The meals were a highlight of the days leading up to the Big Crappie Bash. Crappie Cove owner Blake Hauk and Andy hosted a small gathering of pro staffers one evening prior to the tournament, and someone in the crowd remarked about the “simple elegance” of the meal. Turning burgers into an elegant meal is quite the accomplishment, but one more demonstration of the services offered by Terrace View.

Andy, known for his affinity for desserts, raved about the peach cobbler served that night. Banana pudding was on the dessert menu the following night for the pre-tournament meeting, which featured perhaps 100 pounds of smoked barbeque for the competing anglers.

“I know this is supposed to be about fishing, but the meals are incredible,” Andy said. “And they are just one of the many services offered here.”

Among the children, 10-year-old William perfectly exhibits the infectious qualities of the Cauley family. A bundle of non-stop energy, politeness, enthusiasm, and personality, William can seemingly be found everywhere on the property, at one moment racing down the walkway to the gas pumps and then bursting through a kitchen door the next. He performs duties as assigned but also had the opportunity to fish with Blake during the tournament.

“I wish I could take all of his energy and enthusiasm and bottle it to share with everyone,” one visitor remarked as William distributed desserts to guests after a meal.

Terrace View is located by water at Tennessee River mile marker 545 (about 15 miles above Watts Bar Dam) or by road at 3367 Euchee Chapel Road Spring City, TN 37381. Reach the staff by phone at (423) 365-6060.

Check out all the services, including restaurant and regularly scheduled activities, at www.terraceviewmarina.com.

An excerpt from one link on the website perhaps sums up the Cauleys’ commitment to Terrace View and its customers. It reads, “The love of serving people and working together” – the teamwork and generosity referenced earlier – makes the marina life “a perfect fit” for the family