When you grab one of our ACC Crappie Stix you will immediately know you have something different. There was no reason for me to build “the same rod” that already exists. It is time for something much better. Serious Crappie anglers needed and deserved a big improvement.

My only goal is to make valuable time on the water a little better. It is all about the customer experience and I know how important having quality equipment and amazing service is. I started this company because I love the sport of Crappie fisherman and I love to help great people catch more fish. I want to push Crappie fishing forward and make this great sport a little more enjoyable. I also want all of you to have the best customer experience from the time you purchase a rod till the day you stop fishing. We are here to help you enjoy the most rewarding way to spend a Sunday afternoon on this planet! Please take a kid fishing. Take a kid that doesn’t have the opportunity to go very often. Thank you for your time and be nice to each other on the water. Sincerely, Andy Lehman.


ACC Crappie Stix provides great customer service. This is something I pride myself on, and I will do whatever it takes to keep you on the water and happy as a customer and member of our exclusive team. I offer a six-month warranty and carry replacement tips in case your four-legged buddy jumps on it, you slam the rod in the truck door, or anything other mishaps.

If for whatever reason you have any issues, contact us or send an email to info@acccrappiestix.com We will make it right.

Crappie fisherman are awesome, and I take great joy in having the opportunity to make your day on the water a little more rewarding.

Shop today and join the ACC Crappie Stix team today and fish harder, more comfortable and find your new rods for life.