5 New Products from ACC Crappie Stix

July 10, 2023

By Greg McCain

ACC Crappie Stix has been known as an innovative company since its emergence in the fishing market almost 10 years ago. The evolution of the company’s rods continues this summer with the introduction of new models and twists on old ones. In addition to the new rod offerings, ACC’s apparel line continues to develop with performance fishing shirts and new caps designs currently available.

5 New Things from ACC Crappie Stix

1. ACC pro staff team members and tournament anglers have asked for a longer one-piece rod, and the company delivered with a 7-foot, medium-light model with a softer tip than the traditional ACC lineup. Owner Andy Lehman noted the need for such a rod in his conversations with pro staffers.

“There are so many people who are used to softer tips, particularly in casting rods, so we developed a 7’ one piece that has a softer tip,” Andy said. “It’s real fun to cast with. Up to the first guide, it’s still got plenty of backbone, but from the middle of the rod and especially the two feet on the tip, it’s softer.”

While the rod will be efficient for general casting applications, Andy anticipates the 7-footer to be at its best for light-biting fish, especially finicky black crappie.

“This rod lets them get (the lure) in their mouth without any pressure,” Andy said. “It’s a fun rod that you can cast a mile. The feedback from the samples is phenomenal.”

Estimated availability for all new rods is later in the summer.

2. Another permanent new addition to the ACC lineup is a longer jigging pole. Previously, ACC offered jigging rods up to 13’. However, the demands of the tournament trail, especially considering the prevalence of forward-facing sonar, dictated the need for a longer rod. The new ACC 14’ and 15’ jigging poles fill that niche.

“It’s just part of the evolution of tournament fishing and LiveScope,” Andy said. “We’ve got 14’ and 16’ trolling rods, but these are true jigging rods with more backbone, more sensitive tips, and lighter weight.

“People are wanting these for tournaments, especially on pressured waters. D’Arbonne is one of those, and the Mississippi lakes really get the pressure. Even in this muddy water, these fish get pressured, and you can’t get within 15 or 20 feet of them. But they don’t want a moving bait. You have to hold a bait right over their head, but you can’t get too close to them.

“These guys are leaning way out to get the bait to them. The fish want the bait perfectly still for five or 10 seconds before you can get them to commit. These guys are fishing for $20,000 or more, so they need these longer rods available.”

Andy noted that a 15’ jigging pole is probably not for everyone, but the longer rods will fill the void for those who need them.

“They are definitely specialty rods,” he said. “My back would be screaming at me if I held them out like that, but for those who need them, they will be available soon.”

3. A final new addition to ACC’s rod arsenal involves a twist on some of the traditional favorites. A limited edition run of 6’6” one-piece and 8’ two-piece rods with a Tennessee grip or handle will be in stock later in the summer.

For those unfamiliar with a Tennessee handle, they are traditionally made of cork with the lack of a reel seat the most unique feature. The new ACC model, however, will be equipped with the company’s distinctive Super Grip handle, which consists of a durable rubbery, tacky, slip-proof material that provides all-day comfort for fishermen. Spinning reels are affixed to the handle – usually with electrical tape or with certain rod wraps – at a strategic point to balance the rig.

“They are limited this summer and will go quickly,” Andy said. “There’s a love-hate relationship with the Tennessee handles. There are fanatics who love it, and part of the fishing population who have never used it or don’t know about it.”

The unique grip emerged in the 1960s and became increasingly popular among bass fishermen tossing finesse presentations in the 70s and early 80s. While the overall use of the Tennessee handle decreased through the years, a loyal following remains.

“The great thing about the Tennessee handle is that you are holding on to the grip, not holding on to a reel seat,” Andy said.

4. New ACC products are not just limited to rods. In particular, the new Performance Hoodie is available for purchase on the ACC website. These are not heavy-duty sweatshirt hoodies designed for winter wear. Rather they are lightweight polyester hoodies that keep outdoorsmen covered and cool in the summer months.

“I was always skeptical about these, but they work in the sun,” Andy said. “The price is also cheaper than just about anyone else’s.

“I hate to call it a hoodie because people think winter time. We call it a performance shirt with a hood. We went through a dozen samples before finally finding the right one. It’s like having an umbrella over you.”

5. Check out the full lineup of ACC apparel and rods at www.acccrappiestix.com.  Among the offerings of t-shirts (both long and short sleeve) and hats is another new addition. The camo patch hat has been highly popular since its introduction.

ACC will continue to accommodate the needs of its customer base. The new rods and apparel are just one example of how the company reacts to the requests of customers. Anticipate more new additions in the future as ACC maintains its growth and emergence in the fishing market.