Kentucky Lake.

One day in late Fall is not a whole lot of time. I tried to figure out a monster bay on Ky. Lake known as Blood River in just one day. I did pretty good I believe. Once you figure out a few key secrets you can anywhere and find cover to fish. I started…read more

Lake of the Ozarks.

After we left Truman (I’m going back), we headed to Lake of the Ozarks to fish with a buddy (pro staffer) that loves to shoot docks on LOZ. Luckily for him he is on the right lake. I doubt he will get bored anytime soon. I believe they have some 25,000 docks to choose from.…read more

What we should have done.

How many times on the way home from a fishing trip whether it be just for fun or guide trip or tournament have you told yourself we should have done such and such? I know I do this a lot. I think part of it for me is laziness and the difficulty in trying new…read more

Fooled by randomness.

I find some things very interesting about fishing in general. Whether it be Bass fishing or Crappie fishing. It seems every tournament is won using a “secret” bait. The only problem is that every single win comes from different secret baits. The top 5 finishes in each tournament were using probably 5 different colors or…read more

Truman Lake adventure.

I finally had the chance to get away for some rest and relaxation.Ā  That usually means a Crappie fishing trip. So, since me and my buddy Pat have never been to Truman Lake and grew tired of seeing all the pics of HAWGS coming out of the timber we decided to go see for ourselves.…read more

Here we are!

Well it is upon is in a rather abrupt manner. Not much of a nice cool Fall. We decided to go straight to Winter. However, the Crappie do seem to like the colder weather as it definitely triggers the Fall feast. Fish will move shallow for a few weeks before they decide to hide out…read more

Why do you Crappie fish?

That’s a great question. Why do you Crappie fish? I know when I started it was pure excitement of being able to fool a Crappie into slamming my jig. I started many years ago in an old jon boat with no electronics so we fished Buck Brush in the Spring and visible stumps in the…read more

Not really my thing.

“Not really my thing” that is what I used to say when someone asked me about spider rigging or trolling. I grew up setting the hook and feeling the thump of those monster Crappie. However as I have learned more and expanded my horizons I have realized it is a very technical way to fish.…read more

Traveling Salesman.

A traveling Salesman is something I never envisioned as something I would become. However, I have put many miles on ACC Crappie Stix and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed all of it. I even enjoy the driving part of it. I put on a cool Podcast or listen to music and think…read more

The first time.

I remember my very first fishing trip on a boat. My Grampa and Dad decided to take me along to check trot lines on Rend Lake about 39 years ago. I vaguely remember being mesmerized by the hum of the old Mercury and the constant splash of water. I remember being told to keep my…read more