5 Tips for taking a kid fishing.

There is nothing better than watching a kid smile after catching a fish. Truly one of the happiest moments you can experience. However, it can be demanding to have a couple of young impatient kids in the boat on a slow day. So here’s a couple of quick tips. Plan on a short trip. Don’t…read more

Time flies and Summer was here!

I have gone too long once again. I am sorry I know a lot of you really enjoy this blog as did I. It is much easier to write during the cold nasty months when we are stuck inside with shorter days. Enough excuses right. This will be short and sweet. I just want to…read more

It’s been a while.

It’s been a long time since last blog post. It’s also been a while since I’ve gone fishing. Not good on either account. However, great things are happening at ACC. We have a new warehouse. Nothing too big or too fancy just plenty of room and the ability to receive freight with the ease of…read more

What a great Spring!

Well maybe not butt what are ya going to do? I guess complaining about somethiung you have no control over is not a good way to live your life. I still do it. I’m trying to do better. I got tired of complaining about my bad back so I started to do something about it.…read more

5 Reasons for a Spring trip.

There are many reasons to travel and fish. Just the idea of packing for a fishing trip excites me. I do miss being home while I’m away but I try to remember how important it is to get away and de-stress. So here are the top 5 reasons to pack up with a buddy or…read more

Spring Fishing Trips!

Now is the time of year to go on a Crappie fishing trip. Speaking of which I went on one to Grenada Mississippi. You may have heard of it. The best Crappie lake in this galaxy. I did not catch a keeper Crappie. That’s how lucky I am. We knew going into that the lake…read more

Lake Weiss with Jonathan Phillips

I was recently able to join one of the most consistent teams on the tournament trail. Jonathan and Alicia Phillips. Alicia was unable to fish till the Friday before the tournament so I jumped in as a warm body to hold and watch more rods. The first thing I learned was that I am a…read more

Don’t feel bad about it!

Don’t feel bad about fishing! Turn your phone off and enjoy the day. Don’t be the guy that texts his wife/girlfriend every 7 minutes. Don’t be the guy that answers a text from your wife/girlfriend every 7 seconds. If you are dating someone who will not allow you to enjoy a day on the lake…read more

Milk it or leave It?

One guy wins a tournament by milking a stump row for 3 days straight. One guy wins a tournament by running a pattern and fishing laydowns in 4 feet of water. One guy wind a tournament with a 1/32 ounce jig head and the other guy uses a 1/4 ounce to take the plaque. In…read more

Dock Shooting with Joe Partenza!

Tips from the Crappie Ninja Joe Partenza When I teach someone how to shoot docks, which I think is the most exciting way to catch crappie, I tell them the Rod and Reel set up they need, which pound test line to use and what size jigs I use to be the most productive in…read more