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Boat Ramp Etiquette: Practice Efficiency, Offer Help

November 22, 2021

By Greg McCain Last week, we addressed the idea of on-the-water boating/fishing etiquette here on the ACC Crappie Stix blog. Members of the pro staff offered some classic etiquette fails, but they also offered advice that solidifies what is and what isn’t acceptable on the water. Today, we extend the idea of fishing etiquette to…read more

Boating, Fishing Etiquette Applies To All

November 16, 2021

By Greg McCain In the words of one ACC Crappie Stix pro staff member, on-the-water boating and fishing etiquette is a “touchy” subject. The subject is “touchy” because the rules and responsibilities are subjective to a great extent. What is acceptable to one crappie fisherman is unacceptable to the next, and the definitive book of…read more

Live Technology Comparisons: Which Brand Is Best?

November 4, 2021

By Greg McCain Garmin shocked the fishing world when it introduced real-time electronics technology in 2018. Christened Panoptix LiveScope by its developers at Garmin, the revolutionary technology became a tool for fishermen everywhere. In particular, crappie fishermen adopted the new electronics and deployed it immediately. Users saw it as a weapon that enhanced their overall…read more