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ACC Crappie Stix Expands Offering of Quality Jig Heads & Plastics

February 18, 2022

By Greg McCain The distinctive green rods by ACC Crappie Stix make them some of the most recognizable in the fishing industry.. A more recent addition to the ACC lineup is quickly gaining recognition as a quality product as well. In addition to the rods designed to fit a variety of fishing situations, did you…read more

Ice Fishing Lures & Tips to Catch More Crappie

February 13, 2022

By Greg McCain While ice fishing is a novel concept for most crappie fishermen, the lessons learned from fishing under the ice is valuable knowledge for all. One consideration is taking a close look at lures that appear to be specifically designed for fooling fish under the ice. While most target the ice-fishing crowd, they…read more

Winter Cappie Fishing: 5 Things to Know Part II

February 10, 2022

By Greg McCain Crappie fishing in winter is different from crappie fishing at other times of the year, a bit more “challenging” in the words of ACC pro staffer and Asleep at the Reel YouTuber Chris “Sarge” Gill. While the fish still eat daily, the feeding binges last for a shorter period. Being at the…read more