On the way!

Most of you have noticed we have been sold out of many models of rods on the website. This drives me crazy as well. As I grow as a business I hope to be able to remedy this in the next year or so. Some models sell far better than I can predict and I…read more

Tough Times ahead!

Tough times ahead! Let’s just say late Winter/early Spring is not my favorite time of the year to fish. Those fish that were holding up on our favorite cover all Winter will shortly decide to leave those gravy fish catching areas. They will kindly move out and completely leave the lake (otherwise known as suspending).…read more

Gettin grouchy.

I actually get grouchy and frustrated when I haven’t been fishing in several days. This is the longest stretch in 12 years (since back surgery) that I have not Crappie fished. First of all the weather has been horrible, not that it usually stops me but the lakes are frozen over and it’s been completely…read more