Greatest Fishin Buddy.

His name is “Hank” and he is a four legged beast who just so happens to be the best fishing buddy I have ever had. For those of you “Dog people” out there I’m sure you understand. Hank is a Yellow Lab and is a spoiled, couch crashin, bed sleepin, squirrel chasin, kid lovin, nap…read more

5 Fall Fishing Tips.

Well everyone it is upon us. The most magical time of the year, Fall. I absolutely love Crappie fishing from now until December. I prefer to vertical jig and those fish are trying to put on the weight before Winter. The Thread fin Shad will also start to die off once the water hits that…read more

They all stood.

We have all witnessed the disrespect that’s happening in the NFL. I am personally disgusted by it. However there is hope and a lot of it. It seems that the fishing community no matter the species posseses a strong moral compass. I have seen many situations where people have helped with situations from stranded boaters…read more

Thank you very much!

This has been a roller coaster ride. I truly appreciate all the patience all of my faithful customer have shown. Finally got my website up and running. That always seems to be trouble for me. I guess I’m better at fishing and coming up with a good idea for a fishing rod than I am…read more

An Introduction By Andy

Engineered thru the passion of fishing. designed to be light, sensitive and strong. The difference is amazing. Since I began enjoying the outdoors I knew opportunity existed for improvement in the Crappie rod market. For many years...…read more