The older you get do you find yourself feeling guilty for spending too much time on the water? Is it just me? Since I started this company I feel

guilty when I spend a day on the lake. I always feel like I should be doing something to do with ACC. I usually do have something that needs to be done

with the business but I think we still need time to relax and let loose for a while. If I could take my whole family on the boat I would feel like I was missing less.

I do envy the couples that fish tournaments together like Jack and Holly Linton and Jonathan and Alicia Phillips. When they travel and fish they have no guilt

of leaving the other back home alone. I used to fish 5-7 days a week and I do miss that but I am completely satisfied by running ACC Crappie Stix. I definitely

think I have replaced my love for fishing with a love for producing quality Crappie rods and helping people catch more fish. I really find that running a successful

business and helping others as satisfying as going fishing everyday. I definitely still love to fish and think I enjoy going on fishing trips on different lakes as opposed

to fishing my home lake every time. I enjoy the travel and looking at new tackle shops and finding new patterns on new lakes. I am ready to hit Truman again and

getting on this great summer/timber bite. Talk about getting thumped! Nothing better than a vertical jig bite. I also want to hit the Alabama river with Jonathan Phillips

and I also need to hit some east Texas lakes and flip in some 2lb Crappies.

Thank you all for your valuable time. I love to hear from you all and getting input and ideas for blogs and product ideas. Thank you so much for supporting ACC and we

are constantly working to make fishing more fun and productive. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Also sign up for out newsletter for cool email storied and info.