Wish I could have made it to the Collinsville boat show. I was sold out of too many models of rods to feel worthy of setting up a booth. Hopefully I am out of the cycle of being sold out of certain rods this time of year. It’s tough to keep in stock on all models throughout the entire year. I think a couple more rod orders and I can get there. I did miss the hanging out and visiting with all the great customers and friends in the fishing industry. It’s a great place to get together with folks that share the same interests. I know lots of people that are friends on Facebook then get to actually meet in person at these shows. A place where social media and reality come together. I’m guessing that this year was a great turnout due to the perfect boat show weather. Lakes are frozen  and cold as hell out but the roads were completely safe for travel. That is what makes for great shows.

There are a couple more shows in my area this Winter and don’t know that I will make to them either as I really don’t want to set up a booth with limited rods in stock. It is a great place for the small business owner to get to meet his customers and get his name out there. A smile and a handshake can go so far when it comes to making new customers. So let’s go enjoy these shows and give the small business owner a chance at making some new customers. Thank you all and let’s have a great 2018. Take those kids fishing. Andy Lehman.