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Fall foliage and fishing: a natural combination

October 3, 2022

By Greg McCain ACC Crappie Stix owner Andy Lehman isn’t a native to east Tennessee, but a variety of factors led him to move the business to the region earlier this year. Significant among those reasons are the epic scenery and the crappie fishing that Andy now enjoys on a regular basis as he explores…read more

Take a Kid Fishing

May 12, 2022

By Greg McCain The word hooked has multiple meanings in fishing. Fish are not the only things that get hooked. The concept of “getting hooked” applies to people also, and the idea particularly impacts children, many of whom experience the angling addiction from a very early age. Many parents recall the time when the fishing…read more

Locals use a little luck to win Big Crappie Bash

April 18, 2022

By Greg McCain Even the most skilled anglers acknowledge that a bit of luck comes into play in winning a tournament. The luck factor compounds at times in hourly big fish tournaments. Knowing when to weigh often determines the difference between going home empty handed and pocketing gas money. Luck played a factor for the…read more