The deep summer bite may not be quite as deep as you think. Usually Crappie will concentrate during the hot summer months. They use what we call a thermocline.

This is a layer in the water column that contains most of the oxygen. The Crappie (and most fish) will be in or above this visible layer of oxygenated water. You can spot

this on your quality electronics and follow this depth wile looking for cover that falls within these depths. On our southern IL lakes the depths vary and some lakes have a

thermocline around 14-16′ deep but some fish hold shallow in the grass. Grass and weeds hold quality water as well. Some lake don’t develop a thermocline due to moving

water, current etc. When fishing during the summer you want to target bigger fish for sure and most big fish won’t relate to the same brush piles they do during fall months.

In my experience the bigger fish will hold on stump rows and standing timber. A stake bed or brush pile will hold lots of small fish but not the pigs you are looking for.

Also, in my experience live bait is far more productive than plastic this time of year. If you are using jigs then at least try a smaller jig head. Try a 1/16th ounce as opposed

to a 3/16 or 1/4 ounce. Also, try flipping and swinging the jig back so it stays on the move. The fish have so much food to choose from during warmer months. The food

is also on the move.

Stay hydrated, wear light colored long sleeves and go early and get off the water before noon. Just don’t over do it and be careful when you take your dog. He needs shade as well.

be safe and watch out for each other. Thanks to you all and see you on the water. Follow on Instagram and Facebook please.