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Cork fishing: 5 Things to Know

March 20, 2023

By Greg McCain The cork bobbed gently in the ripples created by a south wind and then disappeared without notice. Setting the hook, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the crappie on my home lake in northwest Alabama had already arrived shallow over a month before the calendar flipped to spring. The use of…read more

Rain Outdoors: exposing people to the great outdoors

March 17, 2023

By Greg McCain Take a young businessman from inner-city New York with no outdoors experience. Add a “quiet” young woman who has hunted and fished since she was a toddler. Blend the two complementary personalities, and the result is Rain Outdoors, one of the growing brands in the fishing and hunting world. Rain Stewart Williams…read more

Pre-spawn crappie: Unlocking the bite

February 28, 2023

By Greg McCain The pre-spawn period offers a myriad of possibilities for crappie fishermen. The timing covers the country like a wave, spreading in the winter months across the South and rolling through late spring in the northern U.S. and Canada. We covered part of the pre-spawn equation in an earlier blog post with ideas…read more