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5 Fishing Kayak Recommendations

June 27, 2022

By Greg McCain In a time when the price of gas hovers at all-time highs, kayaks remain a cost-effective alternative to boats. After the initial investment, kayaks provide an economical means of getting on the water and even offer certain advantages compared to boats, mainly accessibility, convenience, and price. The in-the-water experience brings an added…read more

A passion for fishing evolves in many different forms

June 20, 2022

Some target specific species. Others feed their fire in competition. For Texas angler and ACC Crappie Stix pro staffer Jimmy Rea, his passion centers on kayak fishing. Jimmy has been feeding that passion for about 10 years now after borrowing a kayak from his parents to get closer to the crappie spawn. Through that time…read more

Record High Gas Prices Impact on Fishermen

June 13, 2022

By Greg McCain Skyrocketing fuel costs impact various facets of life. With prices for gas averaging almost $5 per gallon nationwide and diesel prices at least $1 more per gallon, the cost creeps into every fissure of daily life, some of them unforseen areas not considered by the average person. Take fishermen, for example. While…read more