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Lone Star Warriors Outdoors

November 23, 2020

By Greg McCain Almost all combat veterans experience PTSD to some degree. The stress of combat exerts its influence over some soldiers for weeks and months. For others, PT (post traumatic stress disorder) is a daily plague that hangs over their lives for years. It surfaces in various ways, and  unfortunately leads to suicidal tendencies…read more

5 reasons to own an ACC Crappie Stix

November 18, 2020

Since entering the market roughly six years ago, ACC Crappie Stix have become an industry standard with their innovation, quality, and customer service. Some people simply call them the “green rods”; others see them as a tool durable and dependable enough to use on a daily basis. We surveyed owner Andy Lehman and president of…read more

Innovative designs, quality products fuel Cornfield Crappie’s explosion

November 12, 2020

By Greg McCain The connection between a struggling machine shop and the crappie community seems tenuous at best. Owner Mark Ridl started Production Tooling and Automation in Illinois in 1997, doing tool work and fabricating components for vehicles. When cuts and lost contracts in the automotive industry impacted the company about six years ago, Ridl…read more