The guide trip I will always remember.

October 12, 2019

I have waited many years to write about this trip. It is definitely my most memorable by far. I was on Rend lake  looking for Crappie holding bushes getting ready for the Spring trips to a start rolling in when my phone rings. I will keep this short and to the point but it was a long intense conversation for sure. A father was calling  about how his boy always followed me on Facebook and loved seeing the pictures of Crappie and all the smiles from clients. He had looked forward to fishing with me but had recently passed away from his long battle with cancer at the young age of 10 I believe. By the end of this talk I had tears in my eyes and was speechless and very nervous about this upcoming trip that would be with the Father, Mother and 2 daughters to celebrate their sons love of fishing. As it turned out we had a great trip with lots of laughs and caught lots of fish. The 2 girls absolutely wore out good sized Crappie and had a very memorable time . I tell this story because it is important to talk about how fishing can bring people together. I know there must be many more stories like this. Maybe you and your dad go fishing together after your mother passed or you use fishing to celebrate beating cancer. These stories are so much more important than an article about catching Crappie after a cold front. Those stories about how to catch Crappie are good because people are truly learning but don’t you think we should be telling the deeper stories about how the great outdoors has helped us thru a tough time? Anyway, maybe I’m crazy and sound like an idiot but that’s fine I just wanted to share that short story. We actually want to hear these kind of stories from you folks. You can leave names out if you want. We just want to pass along  words with some deeper meaning. Please email any good story you have to [email protected] If we use it we will give you a 25% code for next order. Thanks and be good to each other and take the kids fishing! Andy Lehman.