Watch the look on their faces.

June 1, 2019

I never get tired and it never gets old to see the pictures of the “WOW” factor on the face of the kids when they catch a fish. I constantly get pictures from my guide buddies and

customers sending in pictures and we love them all but it’s kids faces lighting up that gets ya. I think most of our passions stem from childhood and carry into adulthood. It is vital to

take these kids outside and build that into them while they are open minded. There are so many adults these days that have zero connection to nature. We have the ability to go through

a fast food restaurant, order food and go back inside and watch tv all day. We are not meant to live like this.

Start with a walk or just go play in the park with the kids. Let them jump in the creek, get dirty and covered in scratches and bug bites. They will be OK! Teach them to identify bugs and snakes and

know how to hunt and fish. Kids that grow up in the outdoors are so much more well rounded than adults that never played outside. Can’t you tell the difference between a guy that grew up outside

and a guy that never did anything outside? It’s very important. We are now offering kids rod a steep discount (breaking even) just so parents can afford to get the kids outside. So please go get outside

and enjoy the greatest gift we have been given. The gift of the great outdoors. Think I’m going on a hike with my daughter (she doesn’t fish much). Thank you all for the support and have a great weekend.

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