Take a load off and be productive.

May 9, 2019

As you may know I was  not a huge fan of spider rigging but I starting to switch to the other side. Luckily I have access to some of the best in the business at

trolling (spider rigging) and I lean on them heavily for rod design and information. I have also been fishing with some of these guys lately and learning many interesting bits of fishing info. The shallow water bite

has been poor to say the least this Spring. Just not reliable at all. Cold weather and lots of cold rain has wreaked havoc on local fisheries. I tried being

extremely hard headed and beat the Buck Brush and shallow wood for several days with little to show for. Then I decided I was done with getting my ass handed to me.

You ever get to that point? I think we all do. At least we can admit it and move on right? Anyway, we hopped in his 21′ Phoenix and put the 16′ trolling rods out

and within 5 minutes had 2 keepers in the boat. All while sitting on our buts. How ya like that? I know lots of fisherman that like to talk bad about trolling for some reason

and that’s ok but some of those guys have been missing out on guide trips and really struggling this spring while the trollers have been filling live wells. Which would

you rather do? You can bust your butt all day and get spanked or you can learn a new tactic and catch fish. It didn’t take me too long to figure  out what I wanted to do. Also you get lots of screen time on the electronics. This is a great deal as you can see how bait and Crappie sit up on ledges, channels and flats. You will also mark lots of stake beds, stump rows and any other type of cover you happen upon. You will begin fishing

a whole different group of fish you didn’t even realize existed in your waters. Its amazing how many fish live off shore even in the spring!

I know a lot of us also suffer from back pain and standing up all day up can get very old very quick. When you spider rig you can literally sit down and catch fish while visiting with you

fishing buddy. How does it get better than that? I think most of the guys that slam spider rigging have probably never done it. It is a very interesting way to cover water and it adds a new tool to your box of skills.

It doesn’t matter if you have flooded, stained water and the fish are suspended and hard to find you can hunt them down and catch them with 16′ trolling rods. This is just a basic 101 article so we will dive deeper into

this topic soon. Thanks for reading and please follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks. Andy Lehman.

P.S. If you buy a set of trolling rods (or any rods) and you don’t think they are the best rods you have ever used you can return for full refund.