How to become “Pro Staff”.

March 15, 2019

We get asked every day by folks wanting to be on our pro staff. I can cross off about 95% in about 3 seconds. I can tell you some things NOT to say.

Don’t ever say ” Hey give me some rods and I will post to Facebook”.  This one is hilarious.

Don’t ever say ” We can TRY those rods out for ya if you give us some for free”. Wow! Thanks cause we never got around tryin’ them out!

Don’t ask to be on a pro staff when you have 17 social media followers and you have never posted a picture of a fish! Move on please.

Don’t ask 15 different companies. If you want some real advice from a business owner. The best way to become a staff member is to use

the product you really like to use and are passionate about. Post about that product, tell your friends about it and they will most likely

find you. We want folks that actually like to use ACC Crappie Stix. Don’t become a pro staff cause you want a hand out. Once you show that

you are a positive individual with a strong platform companies will flock to you. Don’t constantly flip flop either. Hard to believe someone

when they have been with 7 different reel companies. People just buy it anymore. Don’t ever think you are too good to work your ass off either.

Look at what the BASS guys do. Constant interviews for newspapers, websites, social media. They do trade shows and post videos. No one cares

that you won a tournament last week if you aren’t any good at letting people know how you won it. Hope this helps you guys out there looking to get sponsored.

Lots of young guns out there with ZERO ability on how to approach a business owner. They don’t even take 5 minutes to write out a decent request.

Sorry for the downer post but just something I wanted to get off my chest and talk about. Take care you all and have a great weekend. Let us know what

you think about this post at [email protected]. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  Andy Lehman.