Reel size. It does matter.

December 13, 2018

Lots of emails about which size reels to use with which rods. I will start with this can be entirely personal preference but I think

I can help with some basic direction. I use spinning reels on ALL rods. Just what I like. I like being able to move line when needed.

Some guys like the cheap plastic reels (basically line holders) and that’s fine if you are always on water no deeper than 10 or 12′.

So on the shorter rods designed for casting we like the 500 or 1000 series and that varies with personal preference because the 1000

series weighs a little more but has a larger diameter spool so you will get less coiling and line twists with a larger spool. Now if you

are more worried about weight then the 500 series is what you will prefer. With these short rods we use 4 or 6lb mono line. You can cast

further and shoot docks with 6lb test with no issues at all.

now moving up to the 10 and 11′ jigging rods. I use the 11′ rear seat about 90% of the time and it balances perfect with a series 1000 spinning reel

on the back. For the mid seats you want lighter so go with the 500 series. As far as line goes we use 20lb braid cause we like brute force! You feel more bites

and lose less jig heads. Crappie fishing isn’t a complete finesse game like everyone thinks. Set the hook hard and swing that dude in the boat.

As far as trolling rods go we also spinning reels and these can be the lighter ones as you really don’t use the reel much at all so the 500 series will work just fine.

Basically use 500 and 1000 series spinning reels and don’t spend over $30 there is no need to. Hope this helps a little. keep the questions coming to [email protected]

Follow us on Instagram at ACC_Crappie_Stix and Facebook at ACC Crappie Stix. Oh I use Shimano Sienna reels. Cheap and smooth. Andy Lehman