Sitting still means you are dying.

December 11, 2018

You can not get comfortable where you are and think you have made it. There is always someone nipping at your heels. However a company or an individual has to grow and they will be

met with resistance. No one likes change even though it is completely necessary. At ACC we are changing the 5’6″ Dock shooter and this will make some folks mad but it has to be done.

We have to make it much better. We also have to change the 12′ jigging rod as the Gramin Livescope is becoming more popular. When using Livescope anglers are realizing that big fish

are spooking in ways we never realized. So having a lightweight 12′ rod with great backbone is going to be a necessity. The issue with the 12′ rod is once you get out that long we have a

problem with weight and strength. It’s easy to make it light but it will be weak. ACC doesn’t do flimsy weak ass rods. Now the 12′ is strong but too heavy. We will use a higher

grade of carbon/ graphite and make a lightweight and strong 12′ rod. I am very excited about this. Also we will be adding a few new rods to line up. How about a 5’6″, 6′ and a 6’6″?

Sounds good to us but it will take months to develop and test these rods. Almost forgot we are also going to do an ice rod for you northern anglers. Wow! How exciting is that?

Hope you are all enjoying your Winter fishing and also enjoying doing some R and R. This is a great time of year to watch some kick-ass videos on the Youtubes! There are 3 awesome

guys that are putting out great and educational content on a weekly basis. Here they are. Flopping Crappie.  Hook city TV. 3 pound Crappie Fishing. Check these guys out. Subscribe and

learn something from them. Thanks for reading and be safe out there and remember to take those kiddos fishing. Andy Lehman

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