Fishing/Outdoor/ Boat shows.

December 4, 2018

It is getting close to the time of the year when most people would rather stay inside than go freeze their A$$ off outside

on the water. And that is O.K.  Nothing at all wrong with spending a weekend or two walking around in a boat show looking at fishing stuff. You can shop for boats,

find a fishing guide, buy your tackle for the upcoming Spring  and look at all the cool new technology that is coming out.  We are going to try to set up a booth at as many shows as possible.                                                                         So far we have the one in Collinsville, IL scheduled. There is one in Marion, IL as well and we will try a new one in Lawrenceburg, IN. It is called the

tri-state outdoor show. I love going to these shows as it allows me to meet and talk with lots of fisherman in a very short period of time. We may have room for one more

if we can find another good one that still has a booth available. The first one in Collinsville will be a close call as to weather we have the next order of rods in. I would hate to

even show up at it and be sold out of most models of rods.

That would not be any fun at all. So keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook pages as we decide where we

will set up shop this Winter. We are also growing and getting the rods in some new shops this Winter. As always we are very thankful and excited about new relationships.

Thank you all and hope to see you at these shows. Andy Lehman