A trip of a lifetime!

October 3, 2018

My daughter Hayden and I are headed off to the greatest adventure either of us has ever been on. We are going to China. Wow, I’m a guy that does not enjoy driving thru a

busy intersection due to the fact that I am from a small town and most of my time has been spent on a lake or in the woods as I grew up. So ya, I’m kinda nervous. Luckily

we have a great tour guide that being my cousin Patrick gee who has been to China over 30 times. My daughter is beyond excited as she knows not all 16 year old kids have a

chance to cross the world and see another entirely different culture. This is a business/ travel/ learning trip mainly for the ACC Crappie Stix company. Yes our rods are made in

China. What a shocker! Don’t I wish I could have them made down the road from me. Of course I do but let me know when you will pay $120/ Crappie rod by the masses.

Actually in the future I would like to see if i could get the equipment and build them in house. That would be a huge investment and be a huge risk but what a pay off. So in

the meantime we make them where everyone else does and we put in a little more money and source the best manufactures we can find thus the trip to visit the factories. I will be visiting a couple of different factories

and going over the process from start to finish and looking at different guides, handles, graphite etc. It’s a huge investment for us to go but it will be worth it to you the

customer. As we grow we will be adding jobs and creating revenue that will be spent right here in the good ol’ USA so don’t think there is no value to be added from us using

China for affordable rods. We can’t exist as a company if there is no profit right? My cousin imports his items from China as well and he employs over 20 people with great paying

careers and benefits. We provide great paying jobs at the ports, the import companies and the employees we hire. Is it a perfect system? Probably not but it’s what works for now.

Just wanted to give you a heads up and stay transparent with my great customers. We will be out of the shop for several days and the new order of rods should arrive while we are

over seas. That means busy, busy, busy when we get back. Looking forward to shipping many rods in the weeks that follow our return. Thank you all for your support and we can’t

wait to see how e can improve on ACC Crappie Stix in the future. We are in the infant stage of this company and the sky is the limit. Be good to each other and stay safe and always remember

to take those kiddos fishing! Andy Lehman.