Throw some back!

September 10, 2018

You can do it! You will not starve to death I promise. Crappie fishing is an amazing past time and we need to take care of it so it will be around.                                                                                                                                                    It’s not like golf. We can run out of fish if we don’t manage them. Also, we can’t always rely on the biologists to take

care of the lakes either. On our lake the limits haven’t changed in 25 years. You think the fishing pressure has increased in that time?

I’m guessing it has by about 500%. So when you’re out there enjoying the day use some self regulation. I know guys that have 100

pounds of fillets in the freezer and can’t stand to throw back a 14″ Crappie. I don’t get it. Those fish take years to grow and with all

the pressure and the better technology we need to take good care of our resources. I know this will piss some people off but I don’t care

one bit. Just make sure there are some left for our kids and the next time you want to go catch a mess of Crappie. Just try it you will survive!

Now get out there and take those kiddos fishing and teach them conservation. When you see someone throw back a good fish or pass on a

decent buck you know they are a TRUE sportsman. Thanks for reading and have a great Fall cause it’s on the way. Oh, the next order of rods

is on the way. Should be October. Sign up for newsletter and get the first notice of arrival. Andy Lehman