July 31, 2018

Use live bait! I know, I like jigs myself but I am not driving to the lake to be hard headed and catch 10% of the fish I should have.

This time of year there is a BIIIIG difference in minnows vs. jigs. On some of our clearer lakes I would say it is 10 to 1 ratio.

I don’t like those odds. I also prefer a split shot rig ( a 1/8th ounce split shot 3-6″ above a #2 hook) over a jig head with a minnow on it.

I have tested both at same time with a rod in each hand and the split shot usually out produces any other rig this time of year.  Hope this

helps. I know there are some die hard jig guys out there but I have some lakes I will bet $$$ that a minnow will far out produce a jig.

I do know in stained water the ratio isn’t as far apart and a lightweight jig (1/16) will work better than a heavy (3/16th) jig. Plus you can

flip out your bait past the cover and let it swim back over the target you are fishing. Anyway, hope this helps and remember to take care of each

other out there and have fun. Andy Lehman.   Oh and sign up on here (website) for our newsletter. We are doing cool giveaways and lots of

interesting tips and techniques. Thanks.