Time flies and Summer was here!

July 10, 2018

I have gone too long once again. I am sorry I know a lot of you really enjoy this blog as did I. It is much easier to write during the cold nasty months when we are stuck inside with shorter days.

Enough excuses right. This will be short and sweet. I just want to thank and let you all know how grateful and humbled I am to be able to serve such an awesome community. Who’s a better group

than Crappie fisherman? We launched a new line of rods that have a new grip (new to us) called Winn Grips. These grips have been around a long time and have been proven many times over as the go to

grip for serious anglers. They perform in all weather condition and maintain a tacky, non-slip feel. They are available in 8′ and 10′ mid seats. And as usual we are out of  a few models of rods. I hate it too

trust me. Can not keep the 8′ cork handle in stock to save my life.

On a lighter note, Now summer is here let’s get those kids involved in this great sport. We designed what I think is the best kids rod on the market. It’s not a cheap “toy” rod and it’s not as costly

as what Dad and Mom are using but it is actually a quality rod at a great price for the kiddos. We like the Zebco 33 Micro as a perfect fit. We love to hear from you all and get those cool pics and great stories so feel free to send to [email protected] or go to our Facebook page at ACC Crappie Stix. We are also on Instagram as ACC_Crappie_Stix. That’s a new place for us but we actually really like it over there. Lot’s of positive vibes and awesome pics.

I promise to post here more and might have more this week. We are doing so much in so little time. Oh, sign up for our email list and get some more cool stuff and valuable content from us in an email.

We are also getting hooked up with the kayak community and are very excited about that. I am rambling as usual so I will let you go for now. We just want to become a valuable resource as well as the best rod company on the planet. Take care of each other, be nice on the water, wear a life jacket and take kids fishing. Lots of homework for ya. Andy.