What a great Spring!

April 18, 2018

Well maybe not butt what are ya going to do? I guess complaining about somethiung you have no control over is not a

good way to live your life. I still do it. I’m trying to do better. I got tired of complaining about my bad back so I started

to do something about it. I go to the gym and hop on the elliptical and do a few miles. I also started CBD oils and they are

a great anti-inflammatory. Both options are far better than opioids and watching T.V. I can enjoy fishing much more now

that my back isn’t in constant pain. It’s amazing what happens when we choose to take control over how we feel. I’m trying

to teach my kids that it is far better to read, drink water and exercise than it is to drink soda, watch T.V. and complain about

how we don’t feel good. So this has little to do with fishing but just something I wanted to yap about. Oh, the rods are scheduled

to be here Friday or Monday and I am so ready to finally be able to take care of all my amazing customers that have waited far

longer than  I would have expected. I can say I have the best customers in the fishing industry. I truly enjoy making the best rod

I am able to. So just a few more days and I will take care of my retailers (tackle shops) first then I will put the rods online. Thanks

again for your patience and hopefully it will eventually warm up. Thank you all and take those kiddos fishing. Wear a lifejacket

too. You don’t look that cool without one anyway. Andy Lehman.