Spring Fishing Trips!

March 24, 2018

Now is the time of year to go on a Crappie fishing trip. Speaking of which I went on one to Grenada Mississippi. You may have heard of it.

The best Crappie lake in this galaxy. I did not catch a keeper Crappie. That’s how lucky I am. We knew going into that the lake was fishing terrible.

But when you gotta go you gotta go. Right? I may try to get back down there before the rods come in. Speaking of rods we are expecting the shipment

of 5′ kids rod, the 5’6” Dock Shooter, the 7’6” Split grip, the 8′ casting/jigging and the 10′ mid seat to be here in 4 weeks or so.

I have been working on samples, design and making sure all these rods are as good as I know how to get them. I focus on 3 areas.

  1. Lightweight. They must feel very light and comfortable in your hands. I know you will use these rods all day long.
  2. Sensitivity. I know feeling light bites is what makes the difference in a good day or a bad day on the water. I also know that feeling your cover and understanding what is happening underwater is vital.
  3.  Strength (backbone). I started this company as a way to design a rod I wanted to use as a guide. I was tired of flimsy rods. You need backbone to swing monster slabs in the boat and we all love doing that.

Anyway, I hope you plan on going somewhere to chase your favorite species of fish (Crappie of course) and enjoy the mini vacation. I have a hard time relaxing due to business demands but do try to

enjoy a couple of days at a time. You also may be lucky enough to live in a Crappie destination area. It’s still fun to fish other lake. I don’t think people that live close to Grenada, Washington and Sardis

feel the need to do much traveling though. Why would you? I will be doing more trolling (Spider rigging) this year than before. We have finally perfected the trolling rods and I am ready to enjoy the fruits

of our labor. A special thanks to Jonathan  and Alicia Phillips and Jack and Holly Linton on massive input on these rods. When we started we knew it would take a couple of years to nail them down

just right. Not an easy task to make a 16′ rod perform exactly the way you want. I believe we got there though. The feedback from customers completely blows me away. I have the honor of hearing customers

say “Wow, these rods are amazing!” Or “Holy $hit, I’ve never felt a rod this light and sensitive”. I get to hear “WOW!” a lot and I love it. Where is your vacation destination? What is your favorite lake to Crappie fish?

Do you travel for tournaments? Let’s here some feedback on the Facebook page “ACC Crappie Stix”.

We are going to make April the best month  ACC Crappie Stix has ever had. I am trying to hard to make sure I quit running out of rods on you guys. I hate it more than you know. Starting a business like this on your own

with a small budget it very trying at times and I am getting there with your help. You as customers have been a true inspiration for me to continue to make the best rod on the water. We are doing it!.

Thank you soooo much! I love you all. Oh, if you have been waiting on the rods go to website at acccrappiestix.com and sign up for the “newsletter” which is actually fishing tips. Located at the bottom of the website pages

just sign up and you will receive updates on new products and you will also the be the first to know when the new order of rods arrive. I will also do some sales only for subscribers. Also, I would not dream

of selling or doing anything stupid with your email. It’s just for us to share cool fishing stuff. Well, tell us about your trip and be safe out there. Wear a life jacket! Take those kiddos fishing and see ya on the water.