Don’t feel bad about it!

February 18, 2018

Don’t feel bad about fishing! Turn your phone off and enjoy the day. Don’t be the guy that texts his wife/girlfriend every 7 minutes. Don’t be the guy that answers a text from your wife/girlfriend every 7 seconds. If you are dating someone who will not allow you to enjoy a day on the lake with your friends or alone DO NOT marry said person. Sorry but life is too short to beg to enjoy your favorite hobby. Also, don’t be the guy that doesn’t spend time with kids or wife cause ALL you want to do is fish. Find a middle ground. I have limited fishing buddies because of this. You ask a friend 20 times to fish and they never can go and when they finally do they are on phone all day with the wifey. I don’t get it. I can’t imagine being married to someone who would try to take away something I love away from me. I also can’t imagine allowing it to happen. So next time you feel like going fishing just go and accidentally leave your phone at home and see how that works. You will actually enjoy your day I promise. What’s she gonna do?

Not trying to come off as sexist or with a chip on shoulder it’s just a shame that some spouses actually get so jealous and wound up when their significant other wants to do something they truly love. That’s emotional instability right there. So cut the grass, play with the kids, make sweet love to the wife and go to the lake. You are welcome for the free marriage counseling.  See ya on the lake unless you aren’t allowed to go panzy. Thanks for reading as always and take those kiddos fishing! Let’s have a great Spring this year folks. Andy Lehman