5 tips from Fred Mooney.

January 29, 2018

Fred Mooney is a Husband, Dad, Fisherman, friend and a Crappie fishing machine. He guides on Rend Lake (mainly) and will be fishing a couple of tournaments

in the coming year. I asked him for 5 quick tips for this blog and here is what I have to report.

  1. By a Humminbird fish finder with GPS. Hands down his most important tool for finding and catching fish. I no longer waste time on areas that simply don’t hold fish.
  2. Use Hi-Vis line. He prefers 10lb Slime line mono on all his vertical and trolling situations in clear or muddy water. 6lb on casting rods. He says he can see the bite many times before he feels anything. I agree with him on this as sometimes they will actually grab the bait and move upward. You will see slack in the line or a ever so light tick. Set the hook when these happen.
  3. Choose a sensitive rod. These blogs are not meant to be adds but this is what he had to say so I put it in the article. He wants to be able to have a rod that will detect any and all bites and to also be able to swing the fish in the boat. he obviously uses ACC as he is a pro staffer. He went on to add that while trolling he can detect the lightest bites imaginable and can watch his minnow move on the hook while trolling.
  4. Knot selection. He prefers a loop knot as it allows the bait to hang horizontal and portray a natural action. Again I agree on this one as well. He claims it outfishes other knots in a tough bite due to the natural appearance. It will move through cover much better as well. We both use this knot 100% of the time.
  5. Protect your skin!!! He is insanely adamant on this one. As a cancer survivor he will control all variable he is able to control. As we spend so many hours in the sun while on the water is critical to protect your skin. There are some great clothing lines that keep us cool and and provide protection from UV rays. He prefers “A Game Apparel”  It is amazing the difference in a good quality long sleeve shirt and having your arms exposed and wearing cotton that absorbs sweat and keeps you hot. So there you have it folks. 5 tips from Fred Mooney from Full Moon Guide Service. To reach Fred you can find him on Facebook and his website @fullmoonfishing.com. his cell is 618.731.1601. He also provides Humminbird teaching classes on the water. Thanks for your time Fred and to all who choose to read this blog.