On the way!

January 21, 2018

Most of you have noticed we have been sold out of many models of rods on the website. This drives me crazy as well. As I grow as a

business I hope to be able to remedy this in the next year or so. Some models sell far better than I can predict and I can’t afford to have

too many of a rod that isn’t as popular. It’s a tricky situation. I do appreciate the patience you have all shown. I even have customers that

will wait the 3-6 months till the next shipment arrives.

As of now I am very close to being out of the 10′ mid seats (shops will have some for a while).

Out of the 5’6” Dock Shooter, out of the 8′ jigging/casting rod.

New rods will arrive soon as well. The 5′ kids rod will be a great addition to our line up.

A new 7’6” casting rod will also go over very well we are hoping due to popular demand.

Almost forgot we will have new Winn Grips available but the factory is behind and it will be a few more months.

I still have plenty of Trolling rods and sells are definitely picking up steam as Spring approaches.

We still have plenty of 11′ jigging rods in both mid and rear seat. This is my go to rod for Buck Brush, stump rows and basically anything (I use it for everything but trolling).

Basically I just wanted to let you all know where ACC stands and hopefully we will push through the Spring with flying colors and come out better and be able to serve

the great customers with even better care. Look for ACC to be back in stock within the Month or March hopefully. Things happen and it could be early May but either

way we will continue to produce high quality rods with unmatched customer care. GO GREEN!

Thank you all for reading the blogs I hope it helps a little in your pursuit of the greatest fish to ever swim the waters. Crappie!

Take those kids fishing and help each other out there. Thank you again, Andy Lehman.