Tough Times ahead!

January 19, 2018

Tough times ahead! Let’s just say late Winter/early Spring is not my favorite time of the year to fish. Those fish that were holding up on our favorite cover all Winter

will shortly decide to leave those gravy fish catching areas. They will kindly move out and completely leave the lake (otherwise known as suspending). This where I used to be

extremely hard headed and hit 312 brush piles on a daily basis just knowing I would find them. I got smart and gave that up. I’m pretty fast, it only took several years to figure

this out.

So what do I do now? I set out 4 rods with 8 jigs or minnows or any possible combination of each and combine and plow my way through the entire lake. You will find fish eventually.

You can be more scientific and look for certain areas and find those flats close to spawning habitat but fish don’t always read those books. Each body of water is completely different

and will have their own patterns. Muddy and clear water will not fish the same way. Some lakes are made for Trolling like Grenada and all Mississippi lakes. Some are great for jigging

like the lakes in Texas. Just don’t give up when the going gets tough. Just use more weapons and cover more water. Thanks for reading and remember to take those kiddos fishing.

OH Hey, they will have  their own rods to fish with this Spring. We will have a 5′ kids rod, a 5’6” dock shooter, a 7’6” casting rod and will be back in stock with the ever popular 8′

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