Gettin grouchy.

January 9, 2018

I actually get grouchy and frustrated when I haven’t been fishing in several days. This is the longest stretch in 12 years (since back surgery) that I have not Crappie fished.

First of all the weather has been horrible, not that it usually stops me but the lakes are frozen over and it’s been completely frigid. I’ve been busy with the next order of rods which

is a the only thing that can substitute for fishing but it’s just been too long. I can’t even think of anything to write about in this blog but being frustrated that I haven’t been fishing!

I feel sorry for the average schmuck that doesn’t understand the healing powers that fishing possesses. It has a calming effect that can help you put all things into perspective and

make the world right again. They call it “Thump Therapy” for a reason. I have been stuck at work or in my shop for weeks and need a trip south. I’m thinking Alabama with Jonathan Phillips

or maybe Mississippi, not sure yet. Would like to try Florida but that is definitely a long drive. I don’t even care where just need to feel a thump on the end of my line. What does fishing do for you?

Has it helped you through tough times? Let me know and I would also like more ideas for these blog posts. Thanks to you all for being the best and most active customers I could ask for.

Remember to take those crazy kids fishing. Take care you all. Andy Lehman. Email me at [email protected]