2018 What are you going to do?

December 28, 2017


I’m not a fan of resolutions at all. You should not have to wait for a new year to do something important. But here we are, so let’s talk about what your plans are for 2018.

I hope I take more steps to grow ACC Crappie Stix. I have made mistakes (imagine that) and will continue to do so, but hopefully will keep learning and finding innovative ways to make our crappie fishing rods, and crappie fishing in general, better for lots of anglers. We all will fail, it’s about not being afraid to take steps.

I constantly hear people complain about their job and even do it on social media (I would immediately fire them) instead of working to better themselves. Why complain about how a company is treating you as opposed to finding a better job? I have been drilling these things into my kids heads on a regular basis.

Life is short, so get out there and try and fail. You won’t regret failing as much as you will regret not trying anything at all. If I was afraid of failure, I would not have jumped off the cliff and started ACC Crappie Stix. I’m scared everyday. It may all go down the drain one day and I will be horribly upset — but hey, I tried!

My lovely wife, who puts up with my hair brained ideas, also started a new career path and has all kinds of stressors to deal with. So together we bust our butts and have very little free time. Don’t be satisfied with something that makes you miserable.

That falls entirely on you! Not the company you work for. If you think they are there to make you wealthy and happy you are mistaken. That is your job. Start your own business, go back to school, and learn a trade.

Start reading books and listening to podcasts instead of watching TV and drinking beer. I want our kids to be adventurous and take chances. I tell them to take chances and don’t get saddled with debt. Live like you’re broke so you can start a new job or start a business and fail and start another one. I want them to travel and see things and meet new people. I don’t want them living in southern Illinois and working a job they hate.

I love getting feedback and I do listen. Just ask Jonathan Phillips and Jack Linton. Jack is responsible for the smaller guides on the new crappie fishing rods and Jonathan’s input was used on the dock shooter.

All the people that choose to use the rods have a voice as well. I’m getting great feedback on the new grips coming out this spring. I can’t believe I am the first crappie rod company to think of this. I do have an unfair advantage though. I care an insane amount of your fishing experience and want to be the best crappie fishing rod company that has ever existed.

I think I got side tracked and that is fine — I just want to tell you not to be unhappy with your situation. You were born into the greatest country in the world and now is the best time to be alive.

Anyone can start an online business selling wrist bracelets if they want. The economy is taking off and restrictions on businesses are dropping like flies. Go back to school and become a plumber, hire a couple of great plumbers and you will have your own business that will eventually be worth a million bucks! Just do something!

Don’t live with regret. I get so excited when I think about what ACC has become, and it started from absolutely nothing but an idea and the drive to create better Crappie fishing rods. That’s it. Treat people right and give them quality that stands apart and it will work out in the end.

Let’s hope that ACC is around for 20 more years at least, we have a lot to do. I have tons of ideas to make your day on the water a little better. I’m picking up more stores and if you have a shop that you want to carry ACC, let me know. Internet sales are up and I have some great YouTube fisherman that are using our rods.

I also happen to have the best customers on the planet and that is the single most important thing I have accomplished. Thank you all and let’s have a productive 2018. Maybe I can even get a new(er) truck. And remember, take those kids fishing!!!! Wait till it’s not 3 degrees though. Andy Lehman