Here we are!

Well it is upon is in a rather abrupt manner. Not much of a nice cool Fall. We decided to go straight to Winter. However, the Crappie

do seem to like the colder weather as it definitely triggers the Fall feast. Fish will move shallow for a few weeks before they decide to

hide out in the Winter depths. The bait is shallow and so the Crappie must follow. Those big fish tend to lose their finicky behavior they

have during Summer months. They will readily inhale a jig with a vengeance. They don’t prefer live bait and they don’t lightly take it from you.

This is the best time for the fisherman that live for the “THUMP”! This is where I fit in. Stake beds, brush piles and stump rows become crowded

with hungry Crappie looking for a lethargic meal of Shad. So, if your not busy sitting in a tree go get on the water and feel the hammer of a beast of

a Crappie. Bundle the kids up, take some hand warmers, some chicken noodle soup in a thermos and go get after it. Thank you for reading. Andy.