Traveling Salesman.

September 18, 2017

A traveling Salesman is something I never envisioned as something I would become. However, I have put many miles on ACC Crappie Stix and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed all of it. I even enjoy the driving part of it. I put on a cool Podcast or listen to music and think about all the great opportunities available for someone with a little ambition. What I enjoy the most for sure is the people. I am dealing with the best people on the Planet. Talking with other Fisherman and tackle shop owners is what I was born to do. I am not a good salesman or slick at trying to convince someone to buy something. I just go in and talk about the differences between ACC and the other brands (I don’t mention names). I have made many friends along the way and hope to be able to continue a great working relationship all the great people and shops I have began working with. I am excited about getting my foot in the door at “Honeyhole Tackle Shop” in West Monroe LA, also excited about “Reelfoot Outdoors” in Tiptonville, TN. and A.C.S. Marine in Buchanan, TN. I recently developed a relationship with Jason Golding the owner of “Grenada Lake Charters” in MS. He also owns Lakeway Outfitters. There are more but you get the idea.

So, we are getting a little closer for customers to be able to take a short drive and actually pick up and hold one of these great rods. I know this will be the key to success as once you pick one up and feel the difference you are a fan of the quality. I am still working on getting all the new shops on the website ( I need a secretary, a customer service rep, a marketing pro and a few other employees) but for now it’s just me. So, my daughter is calling wondering what is for Dinner so I better wrap this up and get in the house. Take care and thank you for being a part of the ACC family. We love it! Oh, see you at the John A. Logan show on Sept. 23 and 24th. Good night.