Questions about rod length.

August 20, 2017

Hey everyone I am getting tons of questions about rod lengths. I am sold out of the 8′ rods and I can not get these in quick enough. However, if you give the 10′ and 11′ jigging rods a try I truly believe you will actually like these rods better. Here’s why, First of all you have a mechanical advantage as you have more hook setting and sweeping power. You can stay further away from your intended target which is very important when trying not to spook Crappie. For the most part your guides and tournament anglers will only use 10 and 11′ rods and sometimes a 12′ jigging rod. They just want that power and distance gap. If you’re in 10-12′ feet of water you just set the hook and swing the Crappie in the boat. You can go all day without grabbing for the real.

I have guided many people new to Crappie fishing over the years and at the end of the day they were sold on the longer rods. Don’t get me wrong the 8 definitely has its place but I think its suited better for casting and corking, techniques that require more use of the reel. I hope this helps a little and if you are not convinced then please return the rod for a full refund. I want you to enjoy your valuable time on the water. I care more about keeping you happy for the long run. So if you have any more questions like this please let me know at [email protected] Have a great fishing week and take those kids fishing even if they say they don’t want to go like my daughter does sometimes. Andy Lehman.