July 5, 2017

Man we waited on these rods forever. I am so proud and excited that I finally have my order of rods in. Talk about sweatin it out.

Nothing like having to wait 4 months on something that you put your life into. Now that they are here I am so thankful to all the

customers that actually waited on these rods. I have received many orders so far and working on getting the stores stocked back up.

I have used the new 5’6″ dock shooter and it is amazing!!!! It’s no wimpy kids toy at all. It has plenty of backbone to haul a monster

out from underneath a big dock. Also, the 10′ was redesigned to be lighter with more backbone too. These trolling rods are also

coming along really well. I finally have enough to go around.

I just wanted to give a big Thank You to everyone who believed in this company and I am glad I finally came through with the great

rods that they are. There should not be anymore long delays in the future. So, have a great day and keep on catching those fish.

Remember to take those kids fishing. Andy Lehman.