ACC Crappie Stix (how we are doing)

June 23, 2017

Just wanted to update everyone who has been asking and being very patient. The rods are getting closer everyday! I know it has been a long wait and it drives no one more crazy than me. I have 2600 rods that will arrive and I will be taking care of my wholesalers first (tackle shops) then the rods will go on website for everyone to buy. I can hopefully add some shirts to have as a more constant option but at the time taking care of rods is far more time consuming and the absolute most important part of ACC. I will not be doing any credit (30 day terms) as this usually turns into 45 -60 days and lots of unwanted stress and will cripple my abilities to grow and move forward. I will hopefully order at least 3000 more rods shortly after this next order shows up. My obvious goal is to keep the pipeline full so we don’t have these long waits all the time. Selling online and not doing credit will make this much easier for us to grow. I have several new shops that are excited about carrying these rods and I believe they will not be disappointed as they seem to sell rather quickly. Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky and Alabama are going to be great markets due to the great fisheries and the amount of support I’m getting from great customers and friends.

I know I have lots of great people waiting on the trolling rods and I am very excited about these rods. I have designed a bigger tube to fit a complete set of trolling rods. I think the tube will hold a tleast 9-10 rods plus I will give a free tip with every 4 rods bought in 14-16′ lengths. At the this time I don’t need any more pro staff as the demand is bigger than my buying ability so no need to sell more rods at a discount right now. I already have new ideas for rod designs and will be trying out the Winn Grips on the next order (they would have delayed this order too much). I am very excited about the future of ACC Crappie Stix and hope you all come along and make this a great thing for all of us. I have learned more about myself, customers, time management and the thousand little moving parts that have to run smooth for a business to succeed. It is by far the most rewarding and stressful thing I have ever done in my life. Don’t be afraid to try out a new idea or business. You only go around this life once. Don’t waste it at a job you hate. It’s not your boss or you employers fault you are not happy. That rests on your shoulders. Time to go I have a buddy stopping by to help on my website which is another massive headache that is just part of doing business. I love hearing from customers about the rods and I also like to hear from other business owners to exchange ideas and find new ways to help each other out.

Almost forgot I am looking into having more guest writers on the blog so we can get more information out to you on a more regular basis. Take care everyone and remember to take the kids fishing.