Q and A with Jonathan and Alicia Phillips.

May 5, 2017

Q; Tell us about the first fishing experience that made you realize fishing would become a passion?1) A: I think everyone in my family knew that I had an obsession with fishing at a very young age. I always had a hard time finding fishing buddies because my idea of a fishing trip has always meant sun up to sun down.

Q: Which aspects of tournament fishing do you find the most interesting? A: Tournament fishing brings a new and exciting angle to fishing. The preparation and anticipation that builds before a major tournament really drives me. I played sports all the way into college and tournament fishing keeps that competitive edge alive in me. Also the teamwork aspect is a major deal  because it definitely takes a complete team effort to finish well in a tournament no matter if your netting or catching the fish.

Q: What is it like to travel and fish with your spouse? A: To me, traveling with my wife is just extra bonding time together. We miss a lot of time together at home with me being a full time Firefighter and her working full time as well. These trips are so much more than fishing for us.

Q: Tell us about your most miserable tournament experience. A: Our most miserable tournament experience was probably at the 2016 Crappie Masters National Championship on Grenada Lake last year when we only weighed in 3 fish on day one. That was our first tournament that we failed to weigh in a 7 fish limit.

Q: Tell us your about the highlight of your career? A: The highlight of career was our first major trail victory in 2016 fishing Lake Logan Martin with Crappie USA. This tournament will stick with us for various reasons. Alicia’s and my parents as well as our son Wyatt traveled to be at the weigh in and were able to see us win our very first tournament. We also took home big fish honors that day. The tournament was unique in itself because record rain fell that week and the lake rose 12 feet before the tournament. I would not have bet a penny on us catching nearly 14 pounds that day.

Q: What techniques do you excel at and is that your most enjoyable way to fish? A: Though its not my preferred tournament style, I actually enjoy shooting docks the most. I like the challenge of getting a jig into places not thought possible. As for tournament style, our go to is pushing jigs at variable speeds for big crappie. At the end of the day, I like to think that we can just about do it all good enough to be competitive.

Q: What is your favorite body of water to fish and why? A: Our favorite place to fish is right here at home on the Alabama River. The scenery is what takes it over the top to me with many miles of back water that couldn’t all be fished in a life time. The size of the fish is also a kicker with 2 to 2 3/4 pound crappie being abundant and 3 pound fish are always a possibility as well.

What are some goals you have put in place for the next couple of years?  A: Our main goal is to maintain a family friendly appearance and attitude. We always want to be approachable and trustworthy. As far as tournament goals we are really looking for a strong National Championship finish in the near future.

Top Accomplishments over the last 3 years.
1st Place Crappie USA Logan Martin 2017
2nd Place Crappie Masters Alabama River 2014
4th Place Crappie USA Weiss Lake 2015
Back to back Big Fish honors Crappie USA Logan Martin 2016-2017
Multiple top Male/Female honors* Most notable in our eyes was Crappie Masters One Pole Ultimate Challenge on Tennessee/Tombigbee River 2016.