Q and A with Jack and Holly Linton

April 29, 2017
Q: Tell us about your first fishing trip that made you realize fishing would become an obsession.
A: Our first tournament experience we realized that the competition aspect would be very addicting.

Q: Which aspects of tournament fishing do you find most interesting?
A: we love fishing new lakes, specifically in other states. The traveling is fun and meeting new people is always exciting
Q: What is it like to travel and fish with your spouse?
A: we love spending time together. We cant imagine spending this much time with anyone else. These are our “vacations”- we dont go anywhere else or do anything else for vacation. Things get tense sometimes but we have learned to listen to each others opinions and we definitely respect each other as fishermen. Its easy to fish and travel with your best friend
Q: Tell us about the most miserable tournament experience.
A: there have been 2 or 3 that have been miserable- ironically all at Grenada. Our first tournament it was a constant downpour for hours, wind was crazy…we couldnt see each other as we sat next to each other. We toughed it out. Holly swore she would never fish another tournament again- and here we are. The next yr fishing Grenada spring, it was freezing and a little bit windy. At about 2pm it started to snow, in Mississippi, in march! We were frozen! 
Q: Tell us about the highlight of your career, and what you took away from that experience?
A: the spring Grenada tournament 2016 was awesome- specifically leading after day one with 18.06#. We learned that it can be anyone’s day! We learned to fish hard every day because you dont know how  everyone else is fishing- you can only do the best you can do. 
Q: What techniques do you excel at and is that your most enjoyable way to fish?
A: we feel like we are good at spiderrigging but we excel at single poling. We definitely enjoy the single-poling more. 
Q: What is your favorite lake to fish on and why?
A: jack’s favorite is Lake Fork Texas. Holly’s favorite is Grenada but a close second is Lake Fork.
Q: How do we get the younger generations involved in crappie fishing?
A: start taking them at a young age. Let them play in the minnows while they are young,until they have more of an interest in the actual fishing. Get them outdoors in general and they will enjoy it!
Q: What are some goals you have put in place for the next couple of years?
We would love to become a wrapped boat for Crappie Masters. We would love to end up in the top ten in points this year