Just my thoughts.

April 28, 2017

I have been thinking a lot lately. Scary I know but here we go. I think it is a shame that we were taught in schools and by most adults that the path to happiness is an

expensive education, piles of debt and working at a job we can barely tolerate. I was never taught to think outside the box and maybe consider owning a Subway.

The American dream is alive and well however we just need to dig a little deeper and definitely go out of our way to show our kids. I am always pounding in my daughter head

that she doesn’t have to have a JOB. It is actually easier to start a business (or fail a few times and start 3 or 4) than it is to go to work at a job you hate for 50 years. Also,

the SAFE route can be the biggest trap out there. The safe bet is a job ran by someone else making the money that can fire you at any time while you struggle to pay that

perfect mortgage, 2 car payments, kids braces and all the liabilities you’ve acquired over the years. Complaining about the job you hate does absolutely no good at all either.

It is not your employers fault you choose to get up and drive to that particular destination 5 days a week. It is all on you. I am guilty of all the above. However, I am trying to get out of

the living for 2 days of freedom per week lifestyle. Just something to think about and hopefully we can steer our kids in the direction we wish we would have found sooner.

Thanks again for reading and coming soon is  Q and A from 2 of the best teams on the tournament trail that also happen to be husband and wife. Take care and

you better be taking those kids fishing! Andy Lehman.