Out of Stock!

January 23, 2017

I just wanted to touch base with all of the greatest customers in the world! Seriously, I have been out of stock on several items for a while now and I do understand the frustration. I have started this rod business from scratch and have tried to grow steadily but not too quickly. I have recently acquired the funds to make the next big order and will be placing it in the next few days. It generally takes from 100-120 days for the rods to arrive at my shop.

So that being said I am very excited about moving forward and watching the greatest pro staff I could imagine having enjoy the great outdoors. I love watching and hearing about customers using and catching big Crappie on these rods. I have lots of great guys and gals out there putting up YouTube videos just because they enjoy doing it. Thanks you for those things, they mean the world. From this point forward I can hopefully keep and maintain a steady flow or inventory.  It’s not always easy but trust me I am doing my best.

So there will be lots of 10′ mid seats and plenty of 14′ and 16′ trolling rods. I know now which rods move the fastest and will order many more of those fast movers obviously. As for the HDRS series I will be discontinuing those rods. I know there are lots of people that really love those rods but it’s not financially feasible for me to continue that line.

That being said I will continue to grow and develop the Green line and will most likely design a couple of heavier action rods . So I just wanted to be transparent as a business and let everyone know what was happening here at ACC. Again, thank you as customers, friends and family. I have enjoyed this adventure and will hopefully  be able to continue for years to come. Have fun out and take those kiddos fishing. Andy