Winter is here!

December 19, 2016

On my last post I believe I mentioned how much I enjoyed fishing in the Winter. Well, that didn’t pan out too good now did it? So, moving on, it seems it’s been tough for most of the country. No need to throw in the towel, there is always ice fishing!

I have been once or twice and never in an organized fashion. I mean we didn’t have electronics or a heated hut to hide in. I really want to sit in one of those and stay warm in just a hoodie. Tired of spending 30 minutes getting dressed to go fishing.

There are also other ways to spend your cold winter days, I choose to work on the business as it is very easy to get distracted when the fishing is good. I come up with all kinds of excuses (all addicts do) to skip work that needs to be done and hit the lake. I can get caught up on lots of boring tasks that need some attention. Like the website. How much fun is that? For me, no fun at all. I guess some aspects are OK but for the most part I’m not a tech guy. Looking for sales reps, distributors and finding shops that want to carry ACC Crappie Stix is something I am putting in the hours on. Hopefully I will be able to trade in my 40hr/ week job for a 24/7  job of running my own company. My lifelong dream come true. Isn’t that the American Dream?

More time with the family. I usually find it very difficult to relax and just do nothing. However when it’s 9 degrees outside I don’t feel to bad hangin on the couch with my daughter watching a documentary on “The Eagles” or how Penguins mate. We have a great time just acting silly and talking about how she should not date till she’s close to 30. I am also working on a new design for rod handles. I am very excited about this (should have put in the above paragraph, oh well). Oh, almost forgot, we have boat shows this winter. How great is that? You can go look at boats, listen to seminars, buy more tackle, book a guide trip and just hang out with people that fish. I will not be setting up a booth at these due to the fact that I am low in stock and out of some of the popular rods. I hate that I am not able to do these shows. I really enjoy talking with folks about all things fishing. I believe that team of “Green Machine” Jack and Holly Linton will be doing a seminar on “spider rigging”. Not sure yet but I will find out.

So as I ramble on a couple of important issues that need addressed just popped into my head and if I don’t act quickly they will be gone in a second or two. So, enjoy the winter as much as possible, attend a good boat show, hang with the family and get some stuff done that needs attention. Thanks for reading and be careful out there. Andy Lehman.