High barometer

December 11, 2016

Lotsof discussions are had about high pressure and the effect it has on fish. I do know for a fact that is has immense control over how fish behave. I’m not going I to a boring scientific explanation here but I will tell you that I have kept logs during my years as a Crappie guide on Rend Lake. A bluebird day with no clouds in sight is the typical scenario for a high pressure system. This makes my back ache and the fish not bite so well.

I have found on these days it is definitely best to be on the water at first light as the fish still have to eat. Generally they will eat for a limited time and then shut off like a light switch. You will be able to pick a few fish off from spot to spot but it will definitely test your patience and keep you on the move.

The other type of high pressure that is less common and happens to be the worst fishing imaginable is called a dirty high. In this situation you will see low clouds but the pressure will be high. After having very tough days on what seemed like a promising situation I started looking up barometer reading when I gother home. On these tough, cloudy days I noticed the pressure was actually high. On these days we were lucky to catch 5 keepers. On the last day like this 3 of us couldn’t boat one single keeper.

I don’t generally let barometer decide whether  I go fishing or not but the next time it is cold, windy and just plain nasty take a look at the barometer. If you see that it is above 30 I would recommend finding alternative entertainment .  Just my 2 cents here, I hope you enjoyed and please take those kiddos fishing (unless the barometer is too high) and be carefull out there. Thanks everyone. Andy Lehman .